How many people can register a company?

  • Private company (Pty Ltd) – It can be started by 1 director.
  • Public Company (Ltd) – It can be started by the minimum of 3 directors.
  • Non Profit Company (NPC) – It can be started by the minimum of 3 directors.
  • Cooperative Limited – It can be started by the minimum of 5 founder members.

Can a foreign national register a company in South Africa?

Yes, a foreign national can register a business in South Africa, a certified copy of passport/asylum seeker certificate is required on registration.

Can a minor register a company?

No, unless he/she is over 18 years of age.

Why do you need four proposed names instead of one name?

Sometimes you might find that there is an existing company with your preferred name, so the CIPC will automatically check the other 3 on sequence.

What documents are required to get started with registration process?

Certified copies for ID/Passport/Assylum Seeker Certificate of all directors and power of attorney (download here) signed by all directors.

How long does a registration process takes?

Your company will be registered within 2-3 working days, depending on CIPC’s service delivery.

What documents do I get after or when the registration is complete?

Registration certificate, Notice of incorporation – Form CoR 14.1, Confirmation on the initial directors of the company – Form CoR 14.1 – Annexure A, Memorandum of incorporation (MOI) – Form CoR 15.1 A, Tax number, BEE affidavit and Share Certificate